Business Coaching

Helping the Affinia network meet their objectives

Our aim in the business coaching team is to work closely with our advisers to identify their needs, goals and objectives and ultimately work towards building more productive, profitable and compliant businesses in the Affinia network.

For self-employed people, multi-tasking is a reality and different skills are required to met the demands of being an owner and manager as well as a practitioner. We recognise that these are typically three distinct roles that the owner of a financial planning business undertakes. Our business planning process aims to offer workable solutions to generate positive outcomes for each of these roles - the Equity Owner, CEO, Adviser

We will work with you to provide you with up to date market intelligence industry leading productivity and practice management solutions and support the Professional Standards team in the implementation of the Affinia remediation program through Affinia Business Consultants remediation, business evolution planning, valuation tools, market intelligence updates, helping find business efficiencies and process and productivity agendas.

If you are looking to join a community of like-minded experts we want to hear from you. Contact us.